Who is The Painted Warrior?

It is said that you should never ask an artist why they create art, that it would be akin to asking a person why they breathe. For this husband and wife duo, The Painted Warrior is just that - another artistic outlet, another breath of life. But unlike so many other outlets, the seamless blending of art and athletics was a rabbit hole that had never been explored. Out from that tunnel they emerged, making their colorful entrance into the growing sport of obstacle racing. It was a fantastic world where the things they painted came to life. The artwork took form and it moved! Unlike paintings hanging on a wall or protected on display at a museum, these creations were purposely being ravaged by rigorous athletic feats out in the grittiness of nature. Through this process of destruction and suffering, the art took on a new significance. With the use of paint, photography, and written word, these epic battles are recounted by this newfound warrior and his unsung sidekick and serve as a unique medium through which to tell the story of an ordinary man who aspired to do extraordinary things. Follow along on this journey that you may be inspired to discover you own extraordinary self.

Athlete / Canvas / Graphic Designer / Artist
Makeup Artist / Photographer / Race Sherpa


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